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Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to be the leading and dependable East African regional media organization for news, analysis, promotions and publications services. 



Our mission is to provide research based accurate information and analysis that educate, inspire, and empower citizens and create change agents in the East African region. 



The power of media and information technology in ever increasing. Media is often described as the fourth branch of government. There is a huge opportunity as well as challenges that comes with the ever-expanding media and information technologies. Information empowers and hells as well as agitates and kills generations. Technologies have no intrinsic values. The way we use media/information matters much more than the information itself. As an organization that aims to inform, educatioate, entertain, inspire, and empower young generation, we embrace the opportunity to create conversation that addresses the most critical problems in the East African region. We champion an inclusive culture and strive to attract and develop a diverse, talented workforce to create and deliver a spectrum of content reflecting the current and future face of the East African region.

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