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Irreecha 2019 set to be observed at Hora Finfinnee

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Irreecha, the thanksgiving holiday of the Oromo, will be observed at Hora Finfinnee said Shimelis Abdisa, the V/President of Oromia National Regional States. The Oromo people celebrate Irreecha mainly to thank Waaqa for the blessings throughout the year.

Irreecha is celebrated at sacred places called hora. There are six major horas where Oromos celebrate Irreecha and hora Finfinnee is the biggest. Hora Harsadi of Bishoftu, where thousands were massacred in 2016 has been the main destination for the national Irreecha celebration for the past many decades.

The Oromo celebrate Irreecha not only to thank Waaqa but also to welcome new season and to bring relatives and friends together. Ethiopia can use the festival as the tool to bring the nations, nationalities and people closer to one another, create social bonds and ensure peace and stability in the country.

Picture source: Social Media (Irreecha celebration over 100 years ago)


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