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PM Editorial Policy

The Editorial Policy

PrimË Media editorial policy apply to all contents produced, acquired and/or obtained for broadcast and publication e.g. online and offline publications, editions, Radio and Television programs. Our editorial policy also governs the ethical standards of all individuals: journalists, technical experts, and managements working and operating for or on behalf of PM and any other party engaging in business with the organization.

The main purpose of this editorial policy document is to empower the editorial staff so that they maintain control over the content of the materials they produce individually or collectively, and also to enable its audience understand how PM, as a futuristic media organization engaged in a professionally viable, socially responsible, and economically sustainable business for the good of the public. The Editor-in-Chief of PM has the ultimate editorial power and responsibility for contents produced and distributed.


Core Values

PM`s public service commitment is basically founded on the core values of seeking and disseminating the truth. We believe knowing the truth sets everyone free and we aspire to seek and disseminate the truth through editorial independence, respect for human dignity, and transparency. As a giant media organization that covers multiple countries through a multilingual program, adherence to universally accepted values of objective journalism are at the core of our professional integrity. PM will strive to present worthy stories in a clear and factually accurate manner, while also paying due diligence to the safety, wellbeing, privacy, and feelings of our sources.

Editorial Independence: trust, credibility, and respect owed by the public to PM depend on our operational independence; thus, PM unconditionally embraces the principles of editorial independence, professional integrity, honesty, factual accuracy, and efforts to undertake a balanced reporting. PM parts with the principles of objective journalism, without loyalty to any political and religious thoughts, groups, individuals, etc. PM proves its genuine intention to public service by presenting diversified and objective perspectives.

Human Dignity: we respect the inherent dignity of all human beings regardless of their race, ethnic, gender, age, political and religious beliefs. As such, we refrain from using prejudged and stereotyped languages or images that may undermine the human dignity of any individual and groups of individuals.

Transparency: The principle of honesty and openness govern every aspect of PM’s relationships with stakeholders and the public at large, but in as far as it doesn’t compromise the safety and wellbeing of individuals.

Supporting transition to democracy: many East African nations are undergoing a political transition. Ethiopia is undergoing a political transition and significant progress has been made in terms of opening up the political space, respecting human rights and reducing government repressions. South Sudan took a break from a long internal war. Sudan overthrown its long-time dictator Omar Al-Bashir. Ethiopia and Eritrea make peace after 20 years of tension. Many more has happened in the region, but much is remaining to transition the east African nation into democracy. PM aim to promote peace and stability in the region by introducing the East African nations to each other and to the world and by strengthening their relationships.

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