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About PM

PrimË Media is an East African regional media organization that aims to educate, entertain, inspire & empower people to help them achieve their full potential & to strengthen the social, economic, political and democratic institutions in the region.

PM covers issues of the first importance in the region. Temporally, our prime concern is the future. We believe this is the prime time for the East African nations to move forward in unison. Therefore, we work to transform relations between the East African nations into a strong and sustainable social, economic and political integrations. 


Our main goal is priming, an act of exposing audience to accurate and fact-based information to influence their behavior and decision that they won’t be influenced by fake news and information.


All PrimË Media programs will be based on detailed research and unlike most media organizations in the region, we focus on the future. We work to education, entertain, inspire and empower the young generation. Our role is nurturing the future!


We offer programs and services that expands the minds of children, open up new opportunities and keep citizens particularly the young generation informed, inspired, entertained and empowered.

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